Friday, November 28, 2008


barkha dutt. you know who she is. she is a b*tch. i have never liked her... reason - she over sensationalises an issue with ridiculously manipulating the interviewee emotionally. do mark now on when she brings her filthy face on your tv, trying to act sympathetic, you will feel her disgusting vibes... she looks more like some voodoo doctor than a reporter.

i typed 'barkha + bitch' and found a blog ( ) and without reading the article started commenting. reason - she is a bitch. just now (btw, i get a reason to condemn her everytime i see her face on my tv)she was reportiing from outside taj... 10 minutes back... ppl behind her according to her were shouting slogans ... nothing was actually heard... but this is how she had to report...

"...pranav( or whoever was in the studio), people behind me have started shouting slogans... some of them very dangerous... they are shouting anti pakistan slogans... we should not air such content..."

f**Kyou barkha. stop farting. it stinks. you should learn how not to air your fart if its so dangerous... the people behind you didn't fart so loud... had u not farted so loud, the air would have been cleaner...

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